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Hello, You have reached my site Bitchfest.My ABUSE issue is done.  I have some poetry and essays from Darcy of broken wings, Alix Olsen, some stuff I wrote and a couple of other pieces. Not all of the Abuse issue is here now because being the genious I am I left the zines in my locker. Oh yeah, ya'll can check out my "lesbian" issue at okie dokie zine library. I am really trying to updated the site and make it the best it can possibly be. I have gotten a lot of helpful tips from some cool people. I'm still not done but hopefully I will be within the next few days.


yeah, I have decide to take a new approach. I have created a blog and will be updating it at least once a week.

Where You Can Find Bitchfest!

Alright, as of now you can purchase Bitchfest two ways. 1. Direct order from me just e-mail me: Or at Mac's Bacs Bookstore on Coventry in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. So if you live out of Ohio your best bet is to e-mail me with your request. I accept cash/stamps/trade whatever floats your boat! All zines are one dollar or six stamps.

          Starting in January you will also be able to buy Bitchfest at Bluestockings in New York. Oh, and you can also rent my "lesbian" issue from Okie Dokie Zine library. You might want to buy that directly from me because I have decided to include an erotic short story as an insert.

my blog

You can e-mail me with questions and concerns at: