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Transcendance issue4. Really cool zine for and by transgender youth. Mostly poetry and haikus. Nicole writes about first realizing that she wanted to get laid but be the guy. This zine is put together by jamez Terry who also runs a zine library in Denver.

Media Whore issue numero uno!! Because the media may be hazardous to your health. Media Whore is a unique feminist zine about the media. Media Whore is hip, but informative. Or so Randie says, the creator of this zine. Yeah, I must admit, it is pretty cool. She has essay style writing that ranges from Oprah to Lisa Jervis- founder fo Bitch magazine. Plus, she has a really cool article about feminist bookstores.

Two way freak- This zine is done by Robin- a former phone sex operator. It's my favorite zine right now because it tells some of her weirdest stories and callers. Basically she got tired of busting her ass off for min. wage. Shew kind of just fell into sex work after she started to sell her ued panties on e-bay.

Safety Pin Girl- My new favorite zine. Too bad she just finishe dup her last issue. So, Safety Pin girl has been around since about 1997. It's done by Jessica Lynn formely Jessica Disobediance. It's mainly her poetry and essay style writing. There are still some back issues at Unbound Books and Loop Distro. Plus she has to novellas out.

gnosis- Fellow clevelander. Is in a band called So Ricki and has been doing this zine for quite sometime. It's kind of personal-artsy stuff. Issue number one has a really cool comix, an interview with aband called the infamous Mr. White, and some other cool stuff. check out her site chix in the pit.