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I started Bitchfest last summer when I basically had nothing to do. I started to read zines and thought that it would be cool if I made one. Plus I read Francesa Lia Block's Zine Scene and she made it sound really cool and easy so I thought why don't I give it a shot! My first issue was less than 10 pages full size, black 'n white. Certainly not a masterpiece. But I try to do the best that I can and I try to do better with every issue. This website however is a different  issue but I'm working on that too.   Bitchfest is a feminist/poetry/ queer zine. Does that make since? I deal with a lot of poetry because I love it, some have called me and the zine feminist because  of the writing, and queer because I like to play around with lesbian erotica, semi-pornograpic writing and stuff like that. I'm a very sexual being and I refuse to edit myself.  A lot of what I say might have a "lesbian" feel to it because I think I'm in that stage of my life where I'm all giddy and happy about my sexuality.
         Bitchfest is targeted towards females who write poetry, essays, hell,  journal entries, have kick-ass artwork to show off or anything creative to show off. Especially ZINES! I started this site to connect to other people that feel the way I do about poetry and writing outside of the mainstream culture. To have a place to voice my opinions and hear  what others have to say. most of all to have a place to show my poetry and thoughts and to see others poetry and  thoughts.
Well I am an 11th grade high school student. Here are some things that get me excited!!!!!!!
  1.              Rachel Sage
  2. Ani Difranco
  3.                       Any and every Clea Duvall film
  4. The L word
  5.                         Leisha Hailey
  6. Fiona Apple
  7.                        The start of spring
  8. Girls with LOTS of tattoos
  9.                        Zines( especially two way freak)  
  10. Rubyfruit Jungle
  11.                 80's fashion
  12. online personals
  13.                     The Suicide Girls

                         And a shit load of other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

tegan and sara
the first, the last, the only!

waiting for
the black to replace my blue...

fuck you
and your untouchable face!