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Suggested Reading
  1.  Fast girls:  The Myth of the Slut. Emily White's book discusses women who were wrongfully branded sluts. And how society came up with "slut".
  2. Adios Barbie. Ophira Edut. This book explores women's self-esteem and how Barbie has effected it. Great essays. The book was recently re-titled Body Outlaws.
  3. Rubyfruit Jungle. Rita Mae Brown. Rubyfruit Jungle watches as a young girl comes of age and discovers she is a lesbian in the 1950's and 1960's.
  4. Beloved. Toni Morrison. Beloved was murdered by her mother so she did not have to go live in slavery. Now here ghost has come back to haunt the mother and sister that she left behind. Actually, you can see the movie or read the book. They are practically identical.
  5. Ophelia Speaks. Sara Shandler. Rumor has it, Sara got the idea for this book after Reviving Ophelia was written. She thought Ophelia should have a voice.
  6. Prozac Nation. Man, I thought I had it bad. But this women has been through hell and back. This memoir starts off with the writer as a little girl with depression and follows her all the way to her twenties. The depression only got worse and worse. I beg you, please read this book. You will feel a hell of a lot better after your done.
  7. My Sisters Voices- Damn, I can't remember the name of the author. However, I have read the book twice and it is wonderful. My sister's voices best described as an Ophelia Speaks for women of color. Not just black women,  honey;  asian, hispanic, mexican, indian, african, whateva.

8.  I'll tell you what i don't suggest you read. The Hours. The movie got so much hype that I decided to read the book before I saw the movie. So I went out and BOUGHT it. Big mistake. It's basically  three stories in one book. Virginia Woolf and the days leading up to writing  her book Mrs. Dalloway, Laura Brown; a women trying to find herself while reading Mrs. Dalloway, and a modern day Mrs. Dalloway. It was like the author was just using up good paper or something. Why in the hell do I need to know what color the sky is? I hated the writing style of the author. If you must- see the movie or rent the book at the library.

8. Bust magazine- well, I was never a big bust fan until I read the fag hag issue and just fell head over heels in love. I promptly purused the isles of my local borders to find the book "bust guide to the new girl order". I was really hooked. The book had so many good articles although they were from earlier when they started. I can definitly tell that they have changed what they put in the magazine because the articles now are not as sharp and "cutting edge". Regardless, I suggest everyone at least buys one issue of Bust.