Top ten Bitches and why!


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The members of the top ten were selected on creativity, style, message, and artistic abilitity.
  1. Nafeesa Monroe. Last summer Nafeesa Monroe opened up on Jewel's This Way tour in the soul city cafe. She is a spoken word poet and an actess. Her credits include:  Sunset Park, The Jamie Foxx Show, and Martin. She has her own web site Check it out. Poems like half-devil, bionic butterflies and immune will blow you away.
  2. Lisa Left eye Lopes-The baddest Bitch. Come on the women burnt down her man's house and he was still sprung!Lisa was  a member of the record breaking trio TLC. She was  also the creative mind behind groups like Blaque. And songs like Whitney Houston's Heartbreak Hotel, 702's Where My Girls At, and many of TLC's songs. Even though she has left us her star still shines bright. Check out her site. lefteyenetics.
  3. Robin:  Editor/pubilsher of Two way freak zine. I decided to include her because i loved the zine and how open she way about her work. This zine is so cool I really recommend it.

    There is more to come VERY soon.