sweet lies- letters from my boyfriends


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I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I thought that it would be a good feature.

Hey, Whats up? What did you do this weekend? I went to Saturday school and had my friend Rachel over for dinner. ( this is the friend that he constanlt cheated on me and later got pregnant)I was hoping that maybe we could go and chill this weekend, but it's up to you. ( blah, blah, blah, bla, blah.)

I can smell your suspense a mile away. So I guess my hesitance shall no longer be to you inconvieniance. Your personality: Your attitude and such is very plausible, acceptable, and positive. I think that you are smart but seem so nonchalant about your intelligence. Though your secretive you rarely keep stuff from me and you obviously care enough to have knowledge of my feelings.

Looks- your no lara croft or Nia Long but your acceptional beauty is pillared by your confidence and choice of opinion acceptance. This letter is from my first boyfriend. I hate to say it but he was my best boyfriend and sometimes I miss our friendship. We haven't spoke a civil word to each other since 9th grade.

May.15th 2003 Hey, I sent you a letter the other day but that was before I got the one you sent me. You know, for a writer you write really short letters. I think you should stick to writing. You have this great ability to paint pictures with your words. The way you use emotions to describe your feelings is outstanding.(who died and made you the editor of the new yorker)That is one of the main reasons why I asked for you to send me some of your poetry and some pictures. So I could kind of figure out whats going on in your life. To tell you the truth you kind of haven't said that much. But that's kind of funny Because I remember you used to talk on the phone forever! Once you started it was kind of hard to get you to stop. To be honest, I feel absolutly awful for the things that I've done. I never really thought about things the right way. I guess I couldn't because of all of the things that I was doing(drugs). I never stopped doing the b.s. and stopped wating my time on "you know who". (Rachel) I would've kept a wonderful friend... you. In was such a jerk before and you were such a wonderful friend. I hope that things are going better with you. I know you aren't big on religion but maybe a prayer or two wouldn't hurt. This was written from jail. he later got a year. He is now out and living in Sandusky.

This is from my second boyfriend. I was with him for a year and a half and it was the worst experience of my life.