Womens support my ass!


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I recently attended a women's support group that my school runs. I went to it last year and kind of liked it so i decided to do it agian. This year the girls seemed kind of phony. Like they were trying to be more than they actually were. The first topic was women in the media. Somehow everyone had it in their minds that the reason society thinks women are sluts is because of rap videos. Which on some level is true. Everyone started going on and on about how the girls dancing in the videos are sluts and that they are giving regualar girls a bad name.
                 In reality if you dress like a slut you should be prepared to be treated like a slut. It's not the way things should be but it is the way things are. You hold the key to weither or not someone thinks you are a slut. Not someone who is getting paid and taking care of her business. It is not in just the way you dress it is also in how you carry yourself. I know plenty of females that look like pastors wives but are nothing but gold-digging hoes.
             It seems like there is a double standard out here. A female should be sexy and a frak but also be classy too. Like playboy for instance. They won't allow girls that have done porn to be in the magazine. Apparently, it messes with their credibility. So it is alright to take your clothes off for millions of men but to have sex on screen is just crossing the line. Oh, I get it.