mouth slut


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Mouth slut- names have been change
           Sometimes I feel like a slut. Not because of how many boyfriends I have had but how many kissing partners I have had.
  1. Gabriella- a girl I used to fool around with
  2. Lavelle- First guy I kissed in 6th grade. I saw him last year, didn't remember him.
  3. Ben- I kissed him at a party- it meant nothing.
  4. Carlos- bullshit ass ex. Sometimes i miss him
  5. ravel- gay guy I kissed at a party
  6. matthew- bullshit good for nothing ex
  7. Jesse- a friend that I am not attracted to
  8. Brian- 20 years old. We have nothing in common.
  9. Gary- Guy I have known since 6th grade. A good friend of mine  got knocked up by his best friend.
  10. Zareya- sometimes she is my friend. Not attracted to her.
  11. Rainbow diva- obviously not her name. I kissed her for a picture.
  12. Ray- rainbow diva's ex boyfriend. He always smells like cigarettes.