1. Bitchfest: The "lesbian" issue. In this issue you can find lesbian erotica(I think it can almost be qualified as porn), an essay on lesbianism in black culture, poetry, movie reviews, and some other stuff.Beware, a guy read the intro and called it pornographic. And I only included the word lesbian. My duty is done. 2 dollars or six stamps.

2. Bitchfest. June 2003. hum... what to say. It was originally printed full size but I have decided to print this one half size. In this issue I did some reviews on my favorite lesbian flicks, included some poetry, diary entries and letters from old boyfriends. 2 dollars or six stamps.

3. Bitchfest. May. First issue. Damn, my first issue. I think since this issue was so tiny I will print it quarter size now. In this collectors edition(yeah right!) I have 3 kick-ass poems( I sure can pick um...) a list of suggested reading, and something else. It has seriously been so log since I have even looked at this issue. one dollar or 4 stamps.

I have decided to include some of my fave zines. Check them out. In case you don't know what a zine is I'll tell you. A zine is a self-published mini magazine. They can be on any subject like: music, celebrities, poetry, writing, rants, or whatever. A good book to try out is Zine Scene by Francesca Lia Block. They can be typed, handwritten, black n white, or color. Hey, if you want to order any of my zines just e-mail me.

1. Black and Blue- The issue I recieved was called the art issue. I was so excited I damn near ripped open the envelope. It had collages, info on Frida along with the authors Frida impression and a lot of other stuff I'm leaving out. Cost is 2 dollars. E-mail me and I'll give you the e-mail.

2. Mother Rebel- This zine is kind of a feminist aproach to parenting. It has poetry, rants, day in the life of mother rebel, a column her dad writes, and a comic called Radical Sluts.

3. Electric Femme- now, I haven't read this yet but it sound cool enough. It is a personal zine about body image and the author's experience as a black-indian femme.

4. Honeypot 2. Mellissa publishes a tiny quarter-size zine. This issue features an article on kitty porn, Kate Winslet, an interview with a bondage model and much more.

5. Two way freak. Two way freak is published by Robin, a phone sex operator. It tells about how she got started in the industry and how you can too. One time this guy paid 60 dollars for a pair of her used panties!

6. Zen and the art of Brownie Baking! A zine dedicated only to brownies. A rare find these days. A BOY named josh does this zine. It has al kinds of silly and fun recipes for brownies. Like brownie scramblies(don't even ask), and brownie pancakes! this guy is very serious about his brownies. check him

7. Gnosis issue one. Um... what to say. This zine is published by a girl named Bri who is also in this cleveland based band called So Ricki. She has zine reviews, comics, an interview with a band by the name of the infanous mr.white and a few other things. She was called one of twenty collest girls in america by ym>. Thats all I have for now. To get more zines or learn more visit grrrlzinenetwork. just type it into yahoo. You should also try pander zine distro and grrrlstyle.