Poetry, songs and writing for the Krazygirl in You

Hello, You have reached Poetry, songs, and stories for the Krazygirl in You! If You would like to submit to my upcoming anthology please e-mail me at krazygirl87813@yahoo.com. The subjects include:  love, self-abuse, abusive behaviors towards others, body image, peer-pressure and any other subject you would like to discuss. Patriotic writing is welcome. This is the first day of my site so stop by every week or so and I'll update it. E-mail me with suggestions for my site. I plan to a suggested reading list along with other stuff.

Here is a list of links and books that an aspiring writer should try.

  1. Nafeesa Monroe.com
  2. youthoutlook.org
  3. newyorker.com
  4. teenvoices.com
  5. teenink.com
  6. writersmarket 2003 edition

Hey everybody!!!!!!!Don't forget to submit your writing for publication on the site and in the book. If the site does well then maybe in a year I'll start a magazine!

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You can e-mail me with questions and concerns at: Krazygirl87013@yahoo.com.Thanxs.