My Life: Uncut — Profile

Name:  lolitaivory
Location:  ohio
Birthday:  31 January, 1987
Bio:  hello, u have reached my wonderful blog! I created this so I could communicate with everyone that comes to my site and just let u all have a sneek peek at my weird and krazy life. Kick back and be thankful that u aren't me!
Interests:  clea duvall, clea duvall, zines, music, music, zines, clea duvall. ( not in that order!)oh yeah, my site. and bitch magazine. Bust is ok too. I really really like personals. here are somethings that are constantly in my head: ani difranco's gravel clea duvall the l word premiere when the next issue of bitch is coming out slam poetry women- the fact that I want a girlfriend the drummer of lillix
Blog Created:  Saturday, 27 December 2003
Last Updated:  Monday, 12 April 2004 - 3:43 PM EDT
Blog Entries:  13

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